August Cover Artist
Luba Lowry 

Southbridge Life magazine is pleased to features this months cover painting by Luba Lowry. This is Luba’s second cover depicting the serene and tranquil historic culture of Savannah. We share with you another famous landmark, The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist.   

Since her graduation from SCAD in 2010, Southbridge resident Luba Lowry has been painting portraits, Savannah-Scapes and other Fine Art in her studio and art gallery located at City Market in downtown Savannah.  

In Luba’s experience, to brush up against the identity of her subject and explore the nature of personality is the special challenge in the painting of an exceptional portrait.   

To unveil identity within the context of a portrait representation in oil demands a studied, multidimensional and often paradoxical portraiture style.  Included here are a handful of the many portraits of Southbridge residents that Luba has recently captured on her canvases. 

​ Luba was born and raised in the remote Russian wilderness in a Siberian city where a Tsar once exiled Dostoevsky. She lived and painted in several countries, both in Europe and the Middle East, before becoming an American citizen in 2005   Please visit Luba’s website, where you can experience all the different textures, expressions, and large selection of gifted and colorful works of art and personal commissions.